How it Works Around Here…

Welcome to Excellent PLR, where you will find only the best quality PLR for your content needs.

At Excellent PLR, you can be sure that the content you are buying is high quality Private Label Rights content, not some spun, copied junk that we found lying around. Plus, our PLR is priced low, so you get the biggest bang for your buck!

We have PLR for a wide variety of niches, and if you don’t see your niche, feel free to request it! Take a look at our PLR Categories to the right –> to see what’s on offer!

What can you do with PLR from Excellent PLR?

Well, that’s an excellent question! The answer is, anything you want, EXCEPT:

    • NO passing along PLR resale or Master Resale rights
    • NO using my name on the PLR
    • NO refunds on content provided

(Full rights are listed in a text file that accompanies each pack you buy)

That’s basically it, in a nutshell. You can buy these and break them down, rewrite them completely, or slap them up “as is,” though I highly recommend you add your own personal touch to every piece! As long as you play by these excellently simple rules, everyone will be happy!

I hope you have an excellent experience getting content from us, and remember to make content suggestions in the suggestion box! This will also ensure you keep up to date on the awesome special offers and sales that we provide to our treasured customers!

Happy shopping, and I hope you have an Excellent Day!