Gardening Year Round MegaPack

gardening year round plr megapackThis MegaPack is perfect for anyone who wants to have a vegetable garden, but who thinks it’s “too late” to start. It shows you how to plant vegetables all year long, for the most fresh vegetables possible. It’s perfect for gardeners, families, or anyone who wants to know more about gardening all year long.

Here’s what’s inside:

PLR Report: Gardening Year Round: How to Grow Plants in Every Season (2195 words)


  • Why Growing a Garden Is Good For You
  • You Don’t Have To Stop Growing When Summer Ends
  • Spring Gardening
  • Summer Gardening
  • Fall Gardening
  • Winter Gardening
  • Preserving Your Crops

10 PLR Articles all about gardening:

  • Victory Gardens (527 words)
  • Raised Bed Gardening (535 words)
  • Organic Pest Control for the Garden (561 words)
  • Herbs That Are Easy To Grow In Your Garden (534 words)
  • Growing Vegetables From Seeds (496 words)
  • Foods to Grow in a Mood Boosting Garden (504 words)
  • Easy Vegetables to Grow In Your Garden (515 words)
  • Container Gardens (542 words)
  • 4 Household Items You Should Be Using In Your Garden (585 words)
  • Save Money On Your Grocery Bill With a Home Garden (421 words)

Plus 20 Gardening Tweets

52 Gardening Tips for the year (perfect for autoresponders!)

A copy of the USDA Hardiness Zones planting guide

It’s never too late to plant a garden or grow some tasty vegetables! Grab this great pack today!

Gardening Year Round PLR MegaPack~ Only $10

Gardening Year Round PLR MegaPack