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Low-carb Lifestyle for Weight Loss Pack

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Only $7

This low-carb lifestyle for weight loss pack is a great little pack of info for your website or blog. It includes a 2155-word report on low carb diets, a pack of 5 articles about healthy, easy weight loss, a mini-list of low-carb foods, and ten Tweets.

Report includes:


Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

Why Extremely Low Carb Doesn’t Always Work

How Eating The Right Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight

Pairing Protein And Carbs For Weight Loss

Maintaining A Long-Term, Low Carb Lifestyle

Articles: (Weight Loss PLR Pack can also be bought separately)

5 Ways to lose 10 pounds fast (430 words)

Are you in a weight loss frame of mind? (452 words)

Fat-burning foods to help you lose weight (483 words)

How to eat less and still feel full (528 words)

How to lose weight without really trying (458 words)

That’s 5 articles, a short report, 10 Tweets, and a handy list of Low-carb foods for just $7.

Here’s a sample of the quality of the report:

“Complex carb foods are often higher in fiber, which is very filling. You can eat less food if it is high in fiber, and still feel full. One example of a high fiber, complex carb food is beans. They are packed with nutrients, low in fat, and high in fiber.”


Low Carb Lifestyle For Weight Loss Report Pack