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hand with money image courtesy of jannoon028, This article pack is perfect for your MMO blog or website, and it’s packed with value, as a few of the articles are over 500 words! These articles are perfect for the complete newbie who wants to learn real ways to make money online. Use it as separate articles, or combine it to make a short report. You could also add just a little to it, and turn it into a great short ebook.

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Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Money Online Promoting Things You Use And Love  504 words

Make Money Online With Fiverr  628 words

Make Money Selling Clothing On EBay 492 words

Make Money Writing Online  519 words

Sell Your Photos Online For Money  579 words
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Here’s a sample of the type of writing you’ll get in this excellent pack:


“Fiverr is a website where thousands of people sell their services starting at the low price of $5. If you visit the site, you’ll see that people are willing to do anything from singing “Happy Birthday” dressed as a cartoon character, to writing an article for your website, and lots more in between.

The way that Fiverr works is pretty simple. You open an account, set up a “gig”, or service, and people can pay you for that service. If you are a great artist, or graphic designer, you can do that service for people willing to pay $5. Fiverr takes a dollar from that, so you only earn $4, but you can add on extras to your gig after you sell a certain number of your gig.

These extras can really add up, so in theory, you could earn much more than $4 for your services. Common extras are offering to provide a super-speedy turnaround time, adding extra features to the service you offer, or providing your service in more than one format, like providing it in a written form and a video form.”