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Credit and debt PLR

moneyplrpicThis pack of five articles is perfect for adding to your personal finance site, or for educating your consumers about credit cards, budgeting, debt consolidation, and improving their credit score.

Credit and debt PLR article pack $5.00


5 ways to get out of debt quicker 479 words
Budgeting basics for everyone 505 words
Debit vs. credit 523 words
How to improve your credit score 538 words
Should you consolidate your credit card debt? 479 words

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“If you have a lot of high interest credit card debt, you may struggle to make your payments every month. It could be tempting to take out a loan in order to consolidate your debt, but before you do, read these tips to help you decide whether a debt consolidation loan is right for you.

Know your debts

Before you ever decide to consolidate your debts, make a complete list of all of your debts, and how much you pay on them each month. Once you know how much you owe, you can determine what your best option is for consolidation. Include any credit card debt, loans, and store card balances.”